July 2018 Calendar UK & Germany & Indonesia & Malaysia

People from different places want to get the calendar of their own region. So, here in this article I will provide you the calendar information of July month in different countries. July is the month where all of us think to have a change from our daily schedule to move on different places to explore the world. In the world the culture, functions vary from one place to another.

Different countries have different cultures and you can get to know about these with the help of Calendar of that particular region. With the help of calendar you will get to know about July month calendar of different places.

Here, in this article I will try to give sample July 2018 calendar of the different countries like

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany,
  • Indonesia,
  • Malaysia

July 2018 Calendar UK

July 2018 Calendar UK, July 2018 Calendar US

Firstly, I will share the July 2018 calendar of UK (United Kingdom). In the United Kingdom there is hot summer season in this month. But in this month there also comes summer holidays as a source of happiness to the students as well. If you are an employee then don’t you need to worry as there are weekend and holidays also in this month on these days you can enjoy yourself with your family. Apart from other holidays there comes, QUEEN DIAMOND JUBLIEE an extra Bank holiday for the UK citizens.

July 2018 Calendar Germany

July 2018 Calendar Germany, July 2018 Calendar Malaysia

Second July month calendar I will discuss about is Germany; there are varieties of places in Germany which you can visit and explore in the July month holiday. Like in Germany there is Berlin, Frankfurt etc. and you can make schedule or plan to visit these places in July. In Germany there is no official holiday in July. But you can make schedule for the special days like World BLOOD DONORS day, FATHERS day, WORLD’s ENVIROMENT day etc. which lies in this month and can make this month memorable by doing these extracurricular activities.

July 2018 Calendar Indonesia

July 2018 Calendar Indonesia, July 2018 Calendar Sample

The third July month calendar I am going to discuss here is of Indonesia.  Here, in the below, I have listed Indonesia calendar you can have a look on the days of this calendar is in different language. Here, in Indonesia there comes CUTI BERSAMA which means JOINT HOLIDAY which is a collective leave day.

July 2018 Calendar Malaysia

July 2018 Calendar Malaysia, July 2018 Calendar Indonesia

Fourth July 2018 calendar is of Malaysia, people of Malaysia can check there Malaysian calendar in this article as well. The culture and festival also vary in this country. SO, you can enjoy one special day which arrives in this month of July is “Hari Raya Puasa” day. You can easily celebrate this month has now you can remember this day as now you get the calendar. You can mark this special day and then there will be no chances that you will forget about this local holiday of this month.

It is all about the Calendar of JULY month in this year 2018 of different places along with some extra local or special festival or day’s information about these places.

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